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Theater magazine-Aug. 1902, Wizard of Oz

Theater magazine-Aug. 1902, Wizard of Oz
"The Theatre: An Illustrated Magazine of Theatrical and Musical Life," August, 1902, This is a vintage theater magazine that provided extensive, photo-rich coverage of the New York theater scene and American theater in general circa 1902 and that includes a major Wizard of Oz connection. The magazine includes feature articles and photos on then-contemporary productions, performers, theatrical companies and opera. It is distinguished by a lavishly colored cover photograph of a contemporary performer -- Lulu Glaser in "Dolly Varden" in this issue. Of particular interest in this issue is a feature in the "New Plays" on the first theatrical production of the Wizard of Oz. A theatrical version of Oz had been stage for the first time in Chicago. The feature includes four photographs of the Wizard of Oz production. Quite interesting to see contemporary coverage of the first appearance of Dorothy, the Cowardly Lion and company outside the pages of Frank Baum's books.. The magazine is 9-1/2" by 12", 26 pages. This is copy is disbound from an original publisher-bound collection of 1902 issues. In the binding process, the publisher used a rather unfortunate process in dealing with the covers. The covers were detached from the body of the magazine, the back covers were removed and the front covers reattached with binding tape along the spine. .Also about 1/8" of the border was trimmed at top and bottom from the front cover.

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