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You can find a small sample of sets that I put together to accomodate various budgets. Other sets can be put together from other books that I have in my store. Various edition with original or facsimiles dust jackets can be put together if needed. Please use contact me form if interested in the set that I did not put together. Prices of sets at least 20% lower if they purchased individually.

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Complete Aunt Jane's Nieces series set. 1st and early edition. Frank Baum,Edith Van Dyne. Sold 1/20/14
Complete series of 10 books by Frank Baum under pseudo name Van Dyne. All 10 books printed by Reilly & Britton that was renamed to Reilly & Lee in 1919. Many of these books are 1st edition and few are later printing before 1919. One book contains original 1st edition dust jacket. Books in general between Good to Very Good condition. I am selling this books as a set.

Titles: Edition /State
1.Aunt Janes Nieces ( 1906) - 1st/ 11 printing (1913) - Very Good
2.Aunt Janes Nieces Abroad( 1907)- 1st/10th printing (1915) - Good, Back hinge exposed.
3.Aunt Janes Nieces at Millville( 1908)- 1st/8th printing ( 1914) - Very Good.
4.Aunt Janes Nieces at Work ( 1909) - 1st/5th - 1915 - Good+
5.Aunt Janes Nieces in Society( 1910) - 1st/3rd-1912 - Very Good-
6.Aunt Janes Nieces and uncle John( 1911) - 1st/2nd 1913 - Very Good
7.Aunt Janes Nieces on Vacation ( 1912) - 1st/1st in dust Jacket - 1912 - Good- due to stain before title page.
8.Aunt Janes Nieces on the Ranch ( 1913) - 1st/1st 1913 - Very Good-
9.Aunt Janes Nieces Out West ( 1914) - 1st/2nd 1915 - - Very Good
10.Aunt Janes Nieces in the Red Cross (1915) - 1st/1st - Very Good

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